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Conscious Customer Guide

What should I pay attention to when buying a product?
First of all you should have technical knowledge of the product. To choose from the brands, after investigating brand awareness, warranty, after-sale service (customer line, service prevalence and quality, spare components) and price, you should choose the product that meets your needs the most. Also, it is very important that product’s functions are matching to what is written in their advertisement booklets.

What should I do while buying the product?
First of all, make sure that what is inside the packet is flawless and complete. After that, let a authorized personnel in the sales point sign and stamp the warranty condition to have your product’s warranty for 2 years.

What should I do when I have technical problems with my product?
In this situation, you should contact the closest service point to your district. You can reach most up-to-date information about sales point in the Minton Company website or by calling our toll-free support center 0 800 211 50 13. Bring your warranty card and its photocopy to the service point since the service point will take the photocopy. Do not try to repair the product yourself. Don’t forget that a repair done by anyone other done the authorized service personnel will disqualify the product from the warranty.

What should I pay attention to in service points?
SThe “Minton Authorizes Service” sign should be posted in the service point. Pay attention that the service personnel has completely and flawlessly filled in the service document and take a copy of it.

I can not find my warranty document, how can I prove that my product in under warranty and have it serviced?
Under normal conditions, you should apply to the service point with the warranty document. If you have lost the warranty document or haven’t signed and stamped the document in the sales point, you can apply with a facture. Our authorized service point will sign and stamp your warranty document according to the date on the facture.

What should I pay attention to when retrieving my repaired product?
First of all, (if exists) check the serial number of the product in order to see that it is really your product. Also, you should check the repair information on the service facture before signing it.

Where should I apply to when I have problems with my product?
Use the help form in the customer relationship part of the Minton company website. All messages written here are thoroughly read and answered as soon as possible. In order for the answer to reach you, complete the contact information of the help form flawlessly.You can also send your questions to destek@minton.com.tr

Which defects are under warranty?
In normal usage, development defects or product’s physical flaw related defects are all under warranty. All Minton products with a valid warranty are repaired for free for 2 years. For usage related defects, our service points charge to repair the product. In order to have an orderly relationship we have between our precious customers, it is important to not mix the “Warranty” term with the “Insurance”term.

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