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Question 1:
The usage of the Caller ID feautere on the phones

To use effectively the Caller Identity feature on the telephones, you should use the alcaline batteries. The Caller ID feature must be open by your tekephone service provider (Turk Telekom etc). If you are a Turk Telekom subscriber, you can have detailed information from an operator and activate the corresponding service by calling 11811, The Unknown Numbers Service.

Question 2:
Convert the image files to smv format for MMP-3079

You can convert mpeg, raw, avi, wmv, divx formats to smv format easily with the software on the CD which is included in the product package. So, after converting all the video files in these formats, you can watch them on the Minton MP4 Player.

Copy the folder which is named “MMP3079 Video Converting Tool” to your computer. Run “video2smv.exe” application in the folder, which doesn't need installation. An application window will pop up as “Sigmatel Motion Video”. Select the file which you want to change its format to smv through “Select Input Video File”. Before converting the file, chose the folder to save the new file in smv format with “Output File” option. Chose High (200MB/hr) as the “Quality Level”, set 128x128 as the “Dimensions” parameter. Click the “Convert” button to start converting the files. Save the new image file in smv format to the folder named “MVIDEO” created in the device or memory card.

CAUTION: In order to convert a movie with high wide display format, it's recommended to use a PC with high CPUS power; otherwise,conversion process will take too much time.

Thank you for your attention.

Question 3:
The procedure of introducing the headset to the sub-unit in the Minton SD 7100/8100/8501 models

Because of some lost data in the memory of the handsets, you may need to reintroduce the headset to the sub-unit of the telephone. If the sub-unit of the telephone doesn't acknowledge the headset, there will be no line volume and you can't make a call. The followings should be done in order to complete the introduction.

1- Plug the adapter to the outlet.
2- Put the headset on the sub-unit and press the dotted, half-shaped “Page” button which is mounted on the sub-unit.
3- At the same time, put the adapter on the sub-unit. After 5 “Beep” sounds, release the “Page” button (dotted, half-shaped).
4- When you hear the signal sound, press the menu button and use the navigation buttons to go to the REGISTER position.
5- When you press the menu button, SELBASE icon will be displayed. Use the navigation buttons to enter SUBBASE position.
6- When you press the menu button again, “BASE” numbers will be displayed on the screen. Press the 1 button for a few seconds.
7- When you press the “Page” button on the sub-unit for a few seconds, a code number (0090BEFD10) will be displayed on the screen. At this time, release the button and press the book shaped “OK” butoon on the right up side of the headset.
8- With the signal sound, the “PIN?” will be displayed on the screen. Enter the factory setting PIN code (0000), by pressing “0” 4 times and press the book shaped “OK” button. With the signal sound, “MINTON” icon will be displayed and the introduction process will be finished.

Question 4:
How can I use the webcam feature in MDC-750?

Drivers related to this product can be found in the website www.minton.com.tr, in the “Software” subsection under the “Download” section. Download the MDC-750 Digital Camera folder belonging to the win x.x driver in the Digital Camera group. The needed introductory software and a detailed installation procedure can be found in this folder. By following this procedure, you can introduce the webcam to your device.

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